QuesTec's TennisProView debuts on FOX Sports Net

Deer Park, N.Y. Friday, March 5, 1999 - QuesTec Imaging, Inc. (QuesTec), (NASD-BB: QSTI) and FOX Sports Net announce an agreement to integrate QuesTec's TennisProView(TM) with televised coverage of professional tennis. QuesTec and FOX Sports Net debuted TennisProView at the Sybase Open, Feb 13th and 14th, and featured it again during the Kroger/St. Jude, Feb 20th and 21st. QuesTec and FOX Sports Net will continue to work together at the upcoming Franklin-Templeton Tennis Classic, March 6th and 7th, from Scottsdale, AZ, (check local listings). For their participation and assistance in the deployment of TennisProView, FOX Sports Net has been granted an option for the 1999 exclusive right to use TennisProView for all ATP Tour events played in the United States. This option will expire if unexercised on Monday, May 3rd, 1999. FOX Sports Net provides national and international television coverage of the ATP Tour. In the U.S., FOX Sports Net reaches over 50 million households, with international coverage reaching over 99 million households through their affiliates in Europe, Australia, South America, Saudi Arabia and the Far East.

TennisProView is a real-time video and computer based tracking and scoring system that creates a virtual replay for television and a behind-the-scenes analysis tool for commentators. TennisProView instantly displays the tennis ball's speed, trajectory, movement and location. The TennisProView system will complement FOX Sports Net's televised coverage of ATP Tour tennis worldwide by providing a unique replay option and analysis tool for serves. TennisProView virtual replay's can be viewed from any angle or zoom level, allowing viewers to see the ball's location from any court angle and location. TennisProView will also have the ability to display "spray charts" of serve locations that reveal the difference between first and second serves as well as the difference between "rocket-shot" serves and looping, "slicing" serves. This information will be instantly available to the commentators in the booth throughout matches, providing them with an analysis tool and information never available before. These features will allow FOX Sports Net commentators Barry MacKay and Leif Shiras to cover and analyze tennis in many new and innovative ways, and benefits their viewers with a unique perspective of tennis.

"We are very excited to be working with FOX Sports Net for the introduction of TennisProView." "FOX's commitment to innovative and quality programming create the perfect environment for new sports television technology." "Our baseball relationship with FOX Sports Net has laid the foundation for us to introduce TennisProView and other new products to enhance the viewers experience and knowledge of sports", stated Ron Klimkowski, sports marketing, QuesTec Imaging, Inc.

The Franklin Templeton Classic will be the first time that TennisProView is used for an outdoor tournament. These three tournaments have truly shown the versatility and dynamics of QuesTec's TennisProView. TennisProView premiered at the ATP World Championship, Hannover, Germany, where its graphics were used by First German Television for post production virtual replays and serve pattern analysis. FOX Sports Net's tennis productions mark the first time that TennisProView's automated tracking system is being used to create real-time virtual replays for tennis. QuesTec's unique data capture technology allow FOX Sports Net's production team and commentators to interact with TennisProView in real-time during their live broadcasts.

"TennisProView is the first new product released by QuesTec since we formed our strategic alliances with Atlantic Aerospace Electronics Corporation and Live Motion Company." "The cooperative effort and integration of our companies talents and know-how coupled with FOX Sports Net's assistance, advice and expertise, allowed us to take TennisProView from concept to full production in just under eight months," said Michael W. Russo, president of QuesTec.

QuesTec develops and markets proprietary software systems that capture, render, and display real-time graphic simulations that can be applied to sports entertainment, display media, business and industry.


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