Shareholders Approve Corporate Name Change to, Inc. from QuesTec Imaging, Inc.

Deer Park, N.Y. Thursday, December 22, 1999 - QuesTec Imaging, Inc. (NASD-BB: QSTI), announces that stockholders have approved a proposal to change the Company's name to, Inc. The Company's Board of Directors had recommended the name change to better reflect QuesTec's presence as the global leader in real-time sports telemetry content for today’s emerging digital media. is an international technology-based information services provider leading the way in providing unique computer-generated, real-time virtual replays and in-game digital analysis content for professional sporting events on television, during webcasts, for "Interactive Television" and video games. QuesTec’s patented products use a series of cameras, computers and sophisticated military-grade technology to track moving objects (such as balls or players) and instantly reconstruct digital 3D images which can be replayed in real-time, viewed from any angle, compared and analyzed. QuesTec’s products are routinely and increasingly used during coverage of baseball, tennis and golf around the world, while development of new products for other sports continues. QuesTec’s unique digital video content has been shown and used for analysis during coverage of such high-profile sporting events as the World Series, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, the French Open, the ATP World Championships and World Cup Golf.

"With the integration of our eSportsTM technology with the company’s virtual replay business, our focus has shifted more towards providing unique and informative sports content for the convergence of today’s digital media. Our ability to capture, quantify and transmit live sports action in real-time over the internet has catapulted our presence into the forefront of providing global business-to-business live sports action content. Our eSports technology allows us to provide Internet Service and Interactive Television providers with unique and informative content that not only attracts viewers, but holds them with unique live and sticky content of mainstream sports," said Michael W. Russo, president of "Our market proven ability to combine real-time sports action through narrow-band digital streaming with the existing Internet infrastructure, produces the most comprehensive coverage of sports available today."

In the U.S. and Europe, will market its unique businesss to business sports content under the eReplaysTM ( brand which was launched earlier this fall. Internationally, the QuesTec brand for virtual replays has gained prominence in Europe through the company’s strategic partnership with Live Motion Company (LMC) of Wiesbaden, Germany and through QuesTec’s direct marketing efforts in the Far East and South Africa. The company will continue to be traded under its current symbol QSTI, on the OTC:BB.

eReplaysTM add a new dimension to internet and web-based TV sports coverage by providing, for the first time, real-time digital replays of professional sporting events. eReplays capture, transmit and reconstruct live sports action to create comprehensive, unique and informative content. eReplays allow service providers to differentiate their content offerings from that of their competition. eReplays can boost web site traffic by providing clients with compelling information and a unique viewing experience. eReplays puts the "real" back in real-time.

What is an eReplay? eReplays are the digital capture, transmission and re-creation of live professional sporting events, through the use of proprietary and patented data capture and quantification technologies owned and operated by, Inc. These digital re-creations are available today for authorized licensed providers. QuesTec’s eSportsTM is the technology behind the delivery of this real-time digital content. eSports-enabled applications do not require high bandwidth connections, unlike many other multi-media sources. A simple analog dial-up connection is all that is necessary for a real-time viewing experience of a professional sporting event. While others continue to say that the future of digital sports convergence is coming, QuesTec delivers it now.

How is it done? eReplays are created through proprietary tracking systems developed by, Inc. and its partners. These systems instantly analyze the live game action and convert that action into encrypted digital data. This digital data is then delivered to the sports information provider over the Internet by QuesTec's eSportsTM technology. The information is then used for the re-creation of live game action on your home computer or web-based TV. All this takes place in seconds. In fact, eReplays often arrive on home computers as quickly or faster than the live production appears on your TV.

eSportsTM and eReplaysTM are registered trademarks of, Inc.


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