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Deer Park, New York. Friday September 8, 2000 - QuesTec.com, Inc., (NASD-BB: QSTI), ("QuesTec.com"), announced today the expansion of its patented, proprietary motion measurement technology into the area of hit tracking for Major League Baseball. QuesTec.com's new HitTrax(TM) system will measure the speed and direction of each hit, as well as the point of contact between the bat and ball in the hitting zone. HitTrax(TM) will then display this information, graphically combined with QuesTec.com's proprietary SuperVision(TM) data (which precisely measures the trajectory, speed, movement and ultimate plate-location of every pitch thrown during a game). This complete virtual replay will illustrate dramatically, and for the first time, the relationship between pitch type and location versus hitting results in the duel between pitcher and batter. The idea that a given pitcher induces batters to hit grounders or fly balls by his pitch selection will be clearly illustrated through this rich source of information.

In addition to hit tracking, QuesTec.com's new system will also measure and display the release time and speed of the ball as the catcher attempts to throw out runners trying to steal a base, or the "quick release" of catchers attempting a "snap throw" to catch runners straying too far off base. This information will go a long way in analyzing such things as the length of the base runner's lead in relation to a particular pitcher, the tendency to steal against a particular catcher, or a manager's decision to hit-and-run in certain situations.

This new system will add strength to QuesTec.com's position as the worldwide leader in providing real-time content, three-dimensional digital replays and data streams for use in TV sports broadcasting, webcasting, interactive TV, and video game development applications. As with all of QuesTec.com's exciting products, HitTrax will provide TV networks and Internet sports-information providers alike with a unique and unparalleled perspective of the game, and can generate impressive revenue dollars through sponsorship/advertising deals.

"This is a major milestone for us," said Ed Plumacher, QuesTec.com Founder. "The ability to capture, quantify, and display, not only the pitch, but also the result from that pitch, means we are making significant progress toward our goal of measuring every key aspect of the action that makes up the essence of the game. As we continue to push our technology into new areas of sports, we will be capturing and displaying more and more of the action, whether it's hits in baseball, volleys in tennis, or shots on goal."

The prototype of QuesTec.com's new HitTrax(TM) technology is currently in beta testing and should be available sometime during this year's post-season. HitTrax(TM) will become part of QuesTec.com's product line offering for television, Internet, interactive television and video game providers by Opening Day of 2001.

QuesTec.com is a sports content creation company that provides real-time measurement, replay and analysis products for sports entertainment, digital media, business and industry. The company develops real-time virtual replays and eSports technology for mainstream professional sports. QuesTec.com's technology offers unique content to the convergence of today's emerging digital media.

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