Company Launches New "Umpire Information System"

Deer Park, N.Y., Wednesday, February 14, 2001 - QuesTec, Inc., (OTCBB Stock Symbol: QSTI), has signed a five year Agreement with Major League Baseball to provide a new version of their state-of-the-art PitchTrax pitch measurement technology in support of MLB's previously announced strike zone initiatives. As part of this Agreement, MLB agreed to pay QuesTec an undisclosed fee for the development, now in the final stages, of a customized version of the Company's measurement technology. QuesTec has also been contracted to install, operate, and maintain the new "Umpire Information System" (UIS) for the term of the Agreement.

The new system includes several key modifications to the Company’s commercial PitchTrax product currently licensed exclusively to the FOX Channels Group as "in-game enhancement" during live television broadcasts of Major League Baseball games. PitchTrax appears as a sponsored feature during FOX Sports Net productions.

A prototype of the UIS was unveiled during the 2000 Arizona Fall League to a large group of Major League umpires and MLB officials who were given free access to the system and QuesTec's development team. QuesTec's new system was well received and easily met the stringent accuracy requirements specified by the Office of the Commissioner. Testing will resume next month during Spring Training in Arizona. Once testing is complete, the Company will begin installation of the UIS in stadiums designated by MLB. The commitment and the cooperation of MLB and it’s umpires have helped QuesTec to produce the most accurate, reliable, and objective measurement system available for professional sports.

"Major League Baseball is excited about the training potential of QuesTec's new system," said Sandy Alderson, Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations for Major League Baseball. "We expect that this new technology will further enhance the capabilities of our Major League umpires."

"I am very encouraged," said Ralph Nelson, MLB Vice President for Umpiring. "We will now have available the ideal tool to help us maintain strike zone accuracy and consistency. The introduction of technology as part of our training process will have a substantive impact on proper officiating of the game. QuesTec technology goes far beyond pretty pictures on TV, it is truly the intersection of science and baseball."

The UIS uses QuesTec's proprietary measurement technology. Quite different than "video insertion" technology that simply adds graphics to the broadcast video, QuesTec technology actually measures information about interesting events during the game that would not be available any other way. This technology is so innovative it appeared in a Scientific American article in September of 2000. The ball tracking component uses cameras mounted in the stands off the first and third base lines to follow the ball as it leaves the pitcher's hand until it crosses the plate. Along the way, multiple track points are measured to precisely locate the ball in space and time. This information is then used to measure the speed, placement, and curvature of the pitch along its entire path. The entire process is fully automatic including detection of the start of the pitch, tracking of the ball, location computations, and identification of non-baseball objects such as birds or wind swept debris moving through the field of view. No changes are made to the ball, the field of play, or any other aspect of the game, to work with QuesTec technology. The tracking technology was originally developed for the US military and the company has adapted it to sports applications.

"This is our most ambitious undertaking to date," said Edward J. Plumacher, QuesTec founder. "Major League Baseball provided a very open environment, encouraging vigorous dialogue about the potential uses of our technology and involving representatives across the baseball community as part of this initiative. Their feedback, encouragement, and commitment continue to be vital elements throughout this process. Our agreement with MLB will serve as a standard for all future sports related technology contracts and marks our clear transition into the true mainstream of professional sports. QuesTec's development of innovative technology applications for broadcasting, webcasting, interactive television, and now officiating, clearly demonstrates our technical leadership in the emerging digital media market."

Steven B. Greenfield, Esq., QuesTec Chairman of the Board, said of the deal: "Gaining acceptance from both MLB and the umpires for the accuracy, reliability and value of our technology is like getting a Seal of Approval. We are not aware of any other measurement technology that has been accepted in this way by the governing body of a major US sport. Both MLB executives and the umpire community were understandably skeptical at first, but after seeing our technology in operation, everyone began to see the quality of the information and the many uses for it. These men are dedicated professionals, and once convinced, quickly embraced the technology as a source of objective feedback that has never been available in the past. We always hesitate when someone suggests our technology could be used for officiating, but we believe MLB and the umpires have gotten this just right: with the UIS, we can contribute to the quality of the officiating process without intruding into the game or disrupting Baseball's traditions. That's a pretty good place to be!"

QuesTec is a content-oriented company that provides real-time measurement, replay and analysis products for sports, entertainment and digital media. The company develops real-time virtual replays and eSports technology for mainstream professional sports. QuesTec's technology offers unique content to the convergence of today's emerging digital media.

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