QuesTec Technology helps NSTEP.org deliver valuable message to young fans

Deer Park, New York, Monday, October 29, 2001 – QuesTec, Inc. (OTCBB: QSTI) – announce that FOXSports.com and QuesTec have been contracted by Oral Health America’s National Spit Tobacco Education Program (NSTEP) to produce “Hit the Pros - World Series edition”. This version of FOX Sports.com’s interactive game, “Hit the Pros” will allow fans of baseball throughout the world to experience the excitement of facing actual pitches thrown during this year’s World Series™.  "Hit the Pros" represents the next generation of online gaming by using real telemetry pitching data to simulate a true batting experience for players at home. 

After each World Series game, fans can log onto FOXSports.com and hit against the real pitches thrown during each game.  Home batters will face the exact trajectory, speed and movement of big league pitches that were thrown during each game from sliders to fastballs and curveballs. Fans can try their best to hit 95+ mph fastballs from Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens, take a swing at the amazing control displayed by Curt Schilling and Mike Mussina, swing at the nasty sidearm slider of Byung-Hyun Kim and try to catch up with Mariano Rivera’s high heat. Fans can directly compete against these pitchers and others while playing "Hit the Pros" and then compare their results to other players around the globe with our dynamic point system and leaderboard.  

NSTEP's Chairman and former big league catcher Joe Garagiola stated, “It’s great that every youngster can get their chance to hit World Series pitching – Clemens, Pettitte, Schilling, Johnson – what a fun way to be a part of the action. But it’s even better that youngsters can learn that you don’t need spit tobacco to be a good ball player.  We’re happy to join with Fox and Major League baseball to be a part of this effort.”  

“We support the growing awareness of the effects of smokeless tobacco,” said Ross Levinsohn, Senior Vice President and General Manager, FOXSports.com.  “By combining our most popular online game with NSTEP, we hope to raise that awareness even more.”  

"The introduction of “Hit the Pros” on Major League Baseballs WorldSeries.com and FoxSports.com’s websites offer fans a new and unique experience.  This is the first time a consumer based online application has been developed around QuesTec’s measurement technology.  We are pleased to be working with Major League Baseball and Fox Sports.com to expand their coverage of the World Series," stated QuesTec founder Edward Plumacher.

 “Hit the Pros” will provide NSTEP with a high profile presence and platform from which to promote a very valuable message during this year’s World Series.  This is a major milestone for QuesTec, and marks our first entry into the interactive game market.  As we continue to push our technology into new areas of sports, we will be capturing and displaying more and more of the action, whether it's hits in baseball, volleys in tennis, or shots on goal."   

About National Spit Tobacco Education Program (NSTEP

Oral Health America 's National Spit Tobacco Education Program (NSTEP, www.nstep.org) was established in 1994 with the support of Major League Baseball and is funded in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Chaired by former Major Leaguer and broadcaster Joe Garagiola, NSTEP's purpose is to educate the American public to the dangers of “smokeless”, or "spit" tobacco products through a variety of public awareness activities, many of which involve baseball.  Since 1995, NSTEP has received over $100 million in leveraged exposure for its various activities and public service announcements that have featured baseball celebrities such as Derek Jeter, Henry Aaron, Jeff Bagwell, Alex Rodriguez, and most recently,  entertainer Garth Brooks.  The campaign has received numerous accolades from such public figures as former President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala, as well as received several awards for excellence in communication.  

About FOX Sports.com  

FOXSports.com (http://www.foxsports.com) is owned and managed by Fox Sports Networks, a subsidiary of Fox Entertainment Group, a division of News Corp. It is a comprehensive and entertaining online source of sports news, information, listings, games and special features about programming on Fox Sports, Fox Sports Net, FX, Fox Sports Radio and much more from the world of sports.

About QuesTec.com  

QuesTec’s products use a series of cameras, computers and proprietary software technology to track moving objects (such as balls or players) and instantly construct 3D animations. These animations can be replayed in real-time, viewed from any angle, instantly sent around the world via our eReplays™ technology, compared and analyzed. QuesTec’s unique digital video content has been broadcast and used for analysis during coverage of such high-profile sporting events as the World Series, Major League Baseball All-Star games, the French Open, the ATP World Championships and World Cup Golf. The Company’s PitchTrax™ product is currently licensed exclusively to the FOX Channels Group as "in-game enhancement" during live television broadcasts of Major League Baseball games. PitchTrax™ appears as a sponsored feature during FOX Sports Net productions.  Major League Baseball contracts the Company’s Umpire Information System as part of their recently announced strike zone initiative.  

QuesTec is a content-oriented company that provides real-time measurement, replay and analysis products for sports, entertainment and digital media. The Company develops real-time virtual replays and eSports™ technology for mainstream professional sports. QuesTec's technology offers unique content to the convergence of today's emerging digital media.   


Press releases and other QuesTec information are available on the QuesTec web site www.questec.com.  For more information on eReplays™, please visit: www.ereplays.com.  

For more information about QuesTec, Inc. contact Ron Klimkowski at (631) 243-1880 or email ikit@questec.com.                  

National Spit Tobacco Education Program information is available on the NSTEP web site www.nstep.org.  For more additional information about NSTEP contact Jim Carroll at (410) 730-4133.  

Fox Sports Networks: Lou D’Ermilio, (212) 556-2573  

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