Future Projects

As the worldwide leader in tracking and digitally reconstructing key aspects of live sporting events for broadcast enhancement, webcasting, and video game production, QuesTec and its partners are continuously developing new products and seeking further applications for their existing products. In addition to expanding its services for products in baseball, tennis and golf, QuesTec plans to continue development of exciting new products for other sports including basketball, football, hockey, auto racing, cricket, rugby, skiing and soccer. As each new product is perfected it will be marketed for use as a TV broadcast enhancement, used to create eReplays for Internet coverage, and made available to provide database information for video game developers trying to create more realistic game play.

Video Games

QuesTec’s technology represents the future when it comes to developing more realistic interaction and play in sports based video games. As QuesTec’s products capture live action at sporting events around the world that action is automatically stored as digital information in an ever-expanding database. This information is what is used to create the three-dimensional, real-time, virtual replays the TV networks show during live-coverage of certain sporting events (baseball’s SuperVision PitchTrax and TennisProView for example). This same information can be easily used by video game developers to create the most realistic game-play ever offered.

In tennis, your game character could actually face the real rocket-type serves that come off the racquets of players like Pete Sampras or Venus Williams. You could volley with Martina Hingis throughout matches -- facing her actual serves, forehands and backhands that QuesTec has captured during actual tournament-play around the world. Or you might want to play as Andre Agassi against Sampras, using Agassi's true arsenal of shots to defeat or fall to his on-court nemesis. The possibilities are endless, but the key is all the shots are real!

In baseball, not only could video game developers incorporate real pitches captured by QuesTec’s SuperVision PitchTrax system into future video games, but because QuesTec’s SuperScout system tracks almost every player’s and manager’s tendencies throughout each season, game developers could use this information to create the most-realistic all-around play imaginable. Not only could a game player step into the batter’s box to face Pedro Martinez’s actual assortment of pitches, but he or she could try to match wits with Red Sox manager Joe Kerrigan in terms of when to bunt, hit-and-run, steal, play the outfield shallow, etc. Because baseball is a team sport, QuesTec’s information could be used by game developers to make every player on the field perform in the video game just like they tend to perform during actual baseball games. QuesTec’s technologies offer all the realistic intricacies of baseball to game developers, allowing them to create games that will soon let video game players experience the game the way it was meant to be experienced!

As QuesTec continues to develop products similar to TennisProView and SuperVision PitchTrax for sports such as basketball, football, hockey and NASCAR, these products will be able to be used by video game developers to create more realistic game-play in these sports as well. The future of realistic game-play exists in QuesTec’s hands today!

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