"HIT THE PROS" is an online
baseball hitting game where players experience the highest quality 3D graphics and game interaction available on the Internet today. "HIT THE PROS" allows baseball fans to bat against actual pitch data tracked from each MLB game. Sports fans enter virtual replications of real MLB ballparks as Fox Sports announcers Joe Buck and Tim McCarver provide commentary on the game. 

"HIT THE PROS" represents the next generation of online gaming by combining QuesTec tracked pitching data, FOX Sports Network graphics and WildTangent's proprietary Web Driver technology to simulate a real batting experience for players at home. Home batters face the exact trajectory, speed and movement of big league pitches that were thrown in real games, from sliders to fastballs and curveballs. Also debuting soon is a dynamic point system and leaderboard that will create a competitive following around the "HIT THE PROS" community. "HIT THE PROS" is available over any type of Internet connection.

QuesTec and FOXSports.com were contracted by Oral Health America’s National Spit Tobacco Education Program (NSTEP) to produce "HIT THE PROS - World Series edition" as a high profile vehicle to promote their very valuable message about the dangers of "Smokeless Tobacco". "HIT THE PROS - World Series edition" will allow fans of baseball throughout the world to experience the excitement of facing actual pitches thrown during the 2001 World Series™After each World Series game, fans can log onto www.FOXSports.com/games and hit against the real pitches thrown during each game.  Home batters will face the exact trajectory, speed and movement of big league pitches that were thrown during each game from sliders to fastballs and curveballs. Fans can try their best to hit 95+ mph fastballs from Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens, take a swing at the amazing control displayed by Curt Schilling and Mike Mussina and try to catch up with Mariano Rivera’s high heat. Fans can directly compete against these pitchers and others while playing "Hit the Pros" and then compare their results to other players around the globe with the dynamic point system and leaderboard.