What Makes QuesTec Different?

Many people that see QuesTec technology in action are not certain, at first, how or why what they see is different than the products offered by other sports technology companies. They think we provide "pretty graphics" drawn by hand or "approximations" of the action similar to products created by companies that specialize in graphic arts. What they don't realize is that we are, first and foremost, a measurement company. Our technology accurately measures what happens, as it happens, capturing the event in a way no artistic rendering can ever approach. Once our measurements are converted to a graphical representation, what you see on the screen is not "similar to what happened," it's what really happened, including the subtleties of curvature and placement that define the art of pitching or serving. We are unique in the industry in our combination of highly reliable, real-time, accurate, comprehensive measurement, combined with professional quality graphical representation, at an affordable price. In head-to-head tests against other companies, our technology has always proven superior in both accuracy and reliability. Another source of confusion is how our technology works. Many people assume we use "radar guns" or transmitters inside the ball, or other intrusive approaches. We are, however, different than our would be competitors in using technology that does not require modifying or adding anything to the field of play, players, or their equipment. No other company, anywhere in the world, offers products available right now like ours with proven performance in thousands of broadcasts. When you see a QuesTec product in action, you are truly "inside the game" in a way no other company can duplicate. As we expand our product offerings to other sports and measuring more about each sport, our clients will continue to get uniquely useful information no other company can provide to keep you "inside the game."