Greg Maddux paints the corner with another perfect pitch. Randy Johnson blows away another batter with 97 mile-per-hour heat. Mark McGwire tees off on another 500-foot, mammoth home run. These are the most exciting moments in baseball! These are the moments we all remember. And now, as a SuperVision PitchTrax or eBaseball sponsor, these can be the most exciting and memorable moments to advertise your company’s name and logo during live TV broadcasts and international Internet coverage of Major League Baseball.

SuperVision PitchTrax is featured as a video replay by major TV networks covering teams throughout Major League Baseball. It is used to describe pitching trends within the game, show outstanding pitches made and costly mistakes given up, and compare key at bats and situations during a game. As a high-tech, three-dimensional perspective SuperVision PitchTrax stands out against the rest of the broadcast, so your company’s name and logo will be remembered! Do you want to see all the called third strikes on a day when Maddux’s location is particularly sharp? Do you want to see the sequence of pitches Johnson threw to blow away Chipper Jones? Do you want to see the series of pitches used to strike out McGwire in the first inning compared to those when he took the pitcher deep in the fourth? These are the things the fans pay particular attention to and these are just a few examples of when SuperVision PitchTrax will actually appear on TV with your company’s name and logo attached!

eBaseball brings the same unique and exciting three-dimensional perspective of SuperVision PitchTrax to the Internet for live coverage of Major League Baseball on such sites as and The eBaseball display appears throughout the entire game, showing every pitch thrown just seconds after each crosses home plate. As a sponsor, this means your name and logo will be on display to millions of fans around the world for every pitch of each exciting game. And exciting games they are! eBaseball was delivered live to an international Internet audience during the 2000 Major League Baseball All-Star Game and both the 1999 All-Star Game and World Series. eBaseball was there delivering each pitch to Internet viewers worldwide as Chipper Jones got three hits, including the game's only home run, during the 2000 All-Star Game. eBaseball showed fans around the world every pitch as Pedro Martinez struck out seven of the first nine batters at the 99' All-Star Game. And eBaseball tracked New York's Mariano Rivera throughout the 99' World Series classic as he pitched his way to the MVP Award by shutting down the Atlanta Braves.

As a SuperVision PitchTrax or eBaseball sponsor your name and logo will be noticed and remembered by millions of viewers around the world. SuperVision Pitchrax and eBaseball have become a part of the most exciting moments and games in Major League Baseball. Be a part of the excitement by advertising with us! Get in the game!

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