As an eReplays sponsor your company’s name and logo will be recognized and remembered by literally millions of fans around the world using the Internet or Interactive TV! eReplays provide the most unique, uninterrupted Internet sports coverage ever offered, so your name and logo will definitely be noticed! As the Internet continues to grow (according to Intelliquest and MediaMark Research, 72.6 million Americans alone – 35 percent of the country’s population – are already online; and the Gartner Group reports that 50 percent of U.S. households now own a PC) more and more people are going online to find the information that is important to them. Increasingly, this includes coverage of their favorite sports. As an eReplays sponsor your name and logo will be attached to the most innovative and exciting content in Internet sports coverage today, as people around the world log on for live comprehensive coverage of their favorite sports. Since eReplays are uninterrupted and follow the live action on a pitch-by-pitch or shot-by-shot basis your name and logo will continuously be displayed around the world during entire games, matches and tournaments! In addition, as TV and the Internet continue to converge your name and logo will be recognized by fans using Interactive TV to enhance their sports watching experiences as well! Commentators in the booth see the 3D perspectives QuesTec’s products provide throughout entire broadcasts, and they use those perspectives to enhance their commentary. As more and more cable companies, satellite providers and TV manufacturers offer Interactive TV (in fact Jupiter Communications estimates Interactive TV will reach 30 million US households alone by 2004) fans will undoubtedly choose to follow eReplays and gain the same edge the commentators have in the booth. This means your name and logo will not only appear on computer screens around the world but on TV screens as well! eReplays allow you to get in the game in a way never before possible. Get in the game by advertising with us!

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