David Duval sinks an impossible 15-foot putt for birdie. Annika Sorenstam takes a one-stroke lead with an incredible breaking putt that finds the hole after seemingly changing direction. Tiger Woods proves once again that his short game is catching up with his spectacular long game, en route to another tour victory. These are the most exciting moments in golf! These are the moments we all remember. And now, as a GolfProView or eGolf sponsor, these can be the most exciting and memorable moments to advertise your company’s name and logo during live TV broadcasts and Internet coverage of professional golf tournaments around the world.

GolfProView is highlighted as a unique "instant preview" feature by major TV networks covering golf throughout the year. It is used to graphically illustrate the optimal putt-path to the hole as each player’s ball successfully reaches certain greens. TV networks using GolfProView are able to show viewers the best way to approach any putt before a player actually steps up to take the shot, because as soon as the ball lands anywhere on the putting-surface the system locates it and quickly calculates the optimal putt-path (taking into account the rises, dips and overall contour of the green). As a high-tech, three-dimensional perspective GolfProView stands out against the rest of the broadcast, so your company’s name and logo will be remembered! Do you want to see why Sorenstam’s putt from the front-edge of the green will be a much trickier shot to make than Se Ri Pak’s lie on the back-edge? Do you want to see the best way for Duval to approach his 15-footer on the difficult, undulated putting-surface of the 17th? Do you want to see where each player has been putting from on the 18th and why some have had more success than others have? These are the things golf enthusiasts pay particular attention to and these are just a few examples of when GolfProView will actually appear on TV with your company’s name and logo attached!

eGolf will soon bring the same unique and exciting three-dimensional perspective of GolfProView to the Internet for live coverage of professional golf. eGolf will display several crucial holes throughout entire tournaments, showing where each player’s ball lands on the green and the best way to approach each putt. As a sponsor, this means your name and logo will be on display to millions of fans around the world for every second of each exciting event! You can be associated with all the exciting moments to come in professional golf. No one will forget the next time Tiger shatters another course record. People will always remember the next time Mark O’Meara sinks another incredible putt to win his next major event. And eGolf will be there to show how the toughest greens can sometimes humble even the greatest golfers in the professional ranks.

As a GolfProView or eGolf sponsor your name and logo will be noticed and remembered by millions of viewers around the world. GolfProView continues to become a part of the most exciting moments and tournaments in professional golf. Be a part of the excitement by advertising with us! Get in the game!

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