Pete Sampras slams home another rocket-serve for a winner. Martina Hingis slices another backhand into the corner, just catching the baseline to win the set. Venus Williams fires another ace right past the futile return attempt of her opponent. These are the most exciting moments in tennis! These are the moments we all remember. And now, as a TennisProView or eTennis sponsor, these can be the most exciting and memorable moments to advertise your company’s name and logo, during live TV broadcasts and Internet coverage of major tennis tournaments around the world.

TennisProView is featured as a video replay by major TV networks covering tennis throughout the year. It is used to show the exact location of certain shots with respect to the lines, break down the difference between first and second serves, illustrate "spray charts" of serve locations, and so much more. As a high-tech, three-dimensional perspective TennisProView stands out against the rest of the broadcast, so your company’s name and logo will be remembered! Do you want to see if Hingis’ shot really did catch the line? Do you want to see the difference between Williams’ powerful first-serve and her more conservative second-serve? Do you want to see all the serves Sampras has ripped for winners versus those that were returned cleanly by his opponent? These are the things fans of tennis pay particular attention to and these are just a few examples of when TennisProView will actually appear on TV with your company’s name and logo attached!

eTennis will soon bring the same unique and exciting three-dimensional perspective of TennisProView to the Internet for live coverage of professional tennis. The eTennis display will appear throughout entire matches, showing every serve and certain crucial volley shots just seconds after each shot is made. As a sponsor, this means your name and logo will be on display to millions of fans around the world for every second of each exciting match. And exciting matches they are! This year TennisProView has become a featured attraction during live coverage of the newly formed Masters Series for ATP Tennis. The Tennis Masters Series is part of the recently introduced ATP Champions Race, where the player who accumulates the most points by the end of the year becomes the world's number one ranked player. Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Patrick Rafter and all the other longtime top players are being seriously challenged by exciting newcomers like Marat Safin, Gustavo Kuerten and Lleyton Hewitt, and all are required to compete with the other top players in the world at every Tennis Masters Series event throughout the year. This new energy in professional tennis is attracting both casual and die-hard tennis fans to seek out live coverage! And TennisProView is there, capturing and delivering live coverage of every crucial shot, just as it did during eleven major tournaments in 1999, including the French Open! TennisProView was there tracking all the exciting action as a true legend in tennis -- Stefi Graf -- advanced to the finals and defeated her on-court nemesis, Hingis, to capture the last Grand Slam title of her career!

As a TennisProView or eTennis sponsor your name and logo will be noticed and remembered by millions of viewers around the world. TennisProView has become a part of the most exciting moments and matches in professional tennis. Be a part of the excitement by advertising with us! Get in the game!

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