Deer Park, N.Y. Wednesday, April 8, 1998 - QuesTec Imaging, Inc. (QuesTec), (NASD-BB: QSTI), developer and marketer of proprietary software systems that capture, render and display real-time graphic simulations for sports entertainment, display media, business and industry, has retained Stockbroker Relations, Inc. to handle stockbroker and shareholder relations for the company.

"The board of directors and I are thrilled that Stockbroker Relations, Inc. – one of the nation’s leading financial public relations firms – has agreed to take us on as a client," said Mike Russo, president of QuesTec. "We are looking forward to a long and profitable relationship with them, he added.

QuesTec’s new SuperVisionSM system will take television’s instant replay to the next level. After it’s debut on national television covering Baseball’s National League playoffs, it proved to be the star of the 1997 World Series. Everyone who watched the series will certainly remember the computer animation depicting the excat speed, path and trajectory of the pitch as it approached and entered the strike zone.

"According to QuesTec’s due diligence, we believe QuesTec is undervalued," reported a Stockbroker Relations, Inc. spokesperson. "After QuesTec’s much heralded success in baseball and golf, management is actively pursuing many other sports for its proprietary software to include football, tennis, cricket and international soccer. This multiple use patented software has many applications from coaching to advanced interactive video games, and as an informations service provider for the Internet, Web-TV, interactive television, etc."


For more information on QuesTec Imaging, Inc. contact Mike Russo at (631) 243-1880 or visit


This news release was prepared by management and they accept responsibility for its contents and forward looking statements. Michael Russo - President


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