Deer Park, N.Y. Tuesday, May 11, 1998 - QuesTec Imaging, Inc. (QuesTec), (NASD-BB: QSTI), and WABU Television Channel 68 in Boston announce an agreement to incorporate QuesTec's SuperVisionSM pitch-tracking system as a broadcast enhancement, video replay and analysis tool during WABU's 1998 broadcast coverage of the Boston Red Sox. This agreement marks the first "over-the-air," non-cable contract for QuesTec during 1998 and marks the largest viewer market the SuperVisionSM system has ever been shown in to date -- bringing SuperVisionSM to Boston's Fenway Park for the first time ever as WABU broadcasts Red Sox baseball to over 11 million adult viewers. SuperVisionSM is marketed for $2,000 per game for each WABU broadcast from Fenway Park and for each away broadcast from other stadiums. QuesTec currently has the SuperVisionSM system cabled in 11 major league stadiums, with plans already in place to increase that number throughout the 1998 season.

SuperVisionSM is used during broadcasts as a video replay, and to assist commentators in the analysis of key pitches, pitcher/batter match-ups and key at bats. As part of this agreement SuperVisionSM will be used as a replay at least eight times during each broadcast, while Channel 68 announcers Sean McDonough and Jerry Remy will be able to see every pitch thrown instantly rendered by SuperVisionSM, on a video-monitor in their broadcast booth.

As a video source, SuperVisionSM instantly provides viewers with a three-dimensional view of individual pitches, including the speed and trajectory of the ball from its release-point to the back of home plate. This instant three-dimensional rendering of actual pitches graphically illustrates the difference between a slider, curveball, forkball or fastball -- enhancing the broadcast for commentators and viewers alike. In addition, any pitch from any inning can belater recalled and displayed at any time during the game, or a number of pitches can be shown in any sequence as a single group or as a split-screen-comparison. These two features are very effective in illustrating key pitches, key at bats and pitcher/batter match-ups. As an enhancement tool, the SuperVisionSM system certainly raises the level of broadcast coverage and increases viewer interest.

Those of us at QuesTec are very excited about the positive reception the SuperVisionSM system has received in the New England area. Interest in the new technology has already generated an article in the Friday, April 10 Boston Globe, and a nice mention by the Boston Herald in the Sunday, May 3 edition. Furthermore, Channel 68 is planning to air a pre-game special within the next two weeks that will highlight QuesTec and further explain the SuperVisionSM system to viewers. As QuesTec's Christopher J. Malone, recently commented, "It's great to see that a place like Boston, with such a rich baseball tradition and one of the most treasured baseball monuments -- in the form of Fenway Park -- is so receptive and excited about SuperVisionSM. It's truly a marriage between what's old and what's new in baseball, and it looks like a great match."

QuesTec develops and markets proprietary software systems that capture, render, and display real-time graphic simulations that can be applied to sports entertainment, display media, business and industry.


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