Deer Park, N.Y. Tuesday, June 23, 1998 - QuesTec Imaging, Inc. (QuesTec), (NASD-BB: QSTI), announces the creation of SUPERVISION II SM -- the most innovative and powerful scoring mechanism and virtual replay system baseball has ever seen. SuperVision II SM combines all of the enhancements and improvements made to the video-output portion of SuperVision SM during 1998 with the most comprehensive statistical and action-tracking capabilities of Questec's SuperScout TM, and it makes it possible to link all of this information to multiple sites throughout the stadium, to other stadiums throughout Major League Baseball, and to the Internet.

SuperVision II's SM graphic portion is currently being tested on Fox Sports Net Ohio and Fox Sports Net Chicago. This testing will be completed by the All Star Break, and these graphics will be made available to all networks. The new tracking system and scoring mechanism for this new system will begin testing in August and will be available for post season play. SuperVision II SM will be available for all networks opening day 1999.

SuperVision II SM not only tracks and displays pitches, but it continually tracks and displays the exact location of every player on the field (runners and fielders), and continually records every bit of statistical information about the game. All of this information can be networked and used for multiple broadcasts out of the same ballpark, by Diamond Vision / JumboTron on the stadium scoreboard, or even by the teams themselves. SuperVision II SM can connect to the Internet for real-time broadcasting so fans at home and around the world, can get further into the game.

Questec's VP of Sports Marketing and former Yankees pitcher Ron Klimkowski explains it this way--"SuperVision II SM is a whole new animal. With this new system we can keep track of virtually everything that's going on in the game and instantly send that information anywhere in the world. This is the whole package. It has every stat and every pitch and it can be used by anyone connected to the game of baseball. And even more significantly, we've made this system portable to other sports. The same application that runs SuperVision II SM for baseball can be used or football, soccer, tennis or any other sport. Obviously we would like to see that happen and we're working in that direction."

QuesTec develops and markets proprietary software systems that capture, render, and display real-time graphic simulations that can be applied to sports entertainment, display media, business and industry.


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