Deer Park, N.Y. Wednesday, June 24, 1998 - QuesTec Imaging, Inc. (QuesTec), (NASD-BB: QSTI), and The Sports Network (TSN) of Toronto, Ontario, Canada announce an agreement under which QuesTec will provide GolfProViewTM to TSN during 14-hours of live television coverage of the Greater Vancouver Open -- an officially sanctioned PGA Tour event airing on August 27-30 from the Northview Golf and Country Club in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. As part of this agreement TSN will pay QuesTec $25,000 US for their production services, while for a second straight year sponsorship rights to GolfProViewTM have been sold to the Esquire Watch Company.

The GolfProViewTM system enhances television golf coverage by providing viewers with a unique perspective that accurately represents the difficulty of putting on certain greens. To be featured on the decisive 16th, 17th and 18th holes of the Northview course, GolfProViewTM displays a three-dimensional model of each green, including the contour and undulations of the putting surface, and then graphically illustrates the optimal path to the hole for any putt from any location on the green. This real-time graphic simulation shows viewers an "instant preview" of any putt before the golfer actually putts for the hole. The output of the GolfProViewTM simulation is used during the network broadcast as a replay option and as a commentator analysis tool in the network broadcast booth.

This year's Greater Vancouver Open will mark the sixth televised PGA tour event for QuesTec and the third contract with TSN. With an estimated worldwide market of $6 million US per year for GolfProViewTM, QuesTec is actively pursuing contracts for national and international golf tournaments.

As QuesTec's Christopher J. Malone explains -- "I'm very excited about returning to Vancouver for the third year in a row. As an officially sanctioned PGA Tour event, the Greater Vancouver Open continues to be a great place for QuesTec to showcase our product and add to our golf production experience. Judging from the positive responses received over the past few years, we are excited once again to provide golf viewers our unique views of the game."

QuesTec develops and markets proprietary software systems that capture, render and display real-time graphic simulations that can be applied to sports entertainment, display media, business and industry.


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