Deer Park, N.Y. Thursday, August 27, 1998 - QuesTec Imaging, Inc. (QuesTec), (NASD-BB: QSTI) announces that The Golf Channel will be using the broadcast feed from The Sports Network (TSN), featuring QuesTec's GolfProViewTM broadcast enhancement system, to bring viewers four days of replay coverage from the Greater Vancouver Open beginning today at the Northview Golf and Country Club in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. This will mark the first time that The Golf Channel uses the TSN broadcast feed, delivering replay coverage of the officially sanctioned PGA Tour event throughout the United States, Canada and Asia through numerous cable, satellite and wireless television providers.

This is the third year in a row that TSN will use GolfProViewTM as an on-air broadcast enhancement and commentator analysis tool in the booth during the Greater Vancouver Open, obtaining exclusive live-broadcast rights to the system (which it also plans to re-air during the evening) as part of a June 24 agreement. For the second straight year TSN has sold sponsorship rights to GolfProViewTM to the Esquire Watch Company for on-air recognition, while the on-air display will also feature QuesTec's web-page address.

To be featured on the decisive 16th, 17th and 18th holes of the Northview course, GolfProViewTM is very unique in the fact that it is used during television golf coverage as an "instant preview." Taking into account the distances, rises, dips and overall contour of the putting surface, GolfProViewTM considers the location of the ball on the putting green and instantly calculates and displays the optimal putt-path to the hole for any lie, before the golfer actually tries to sink the putt. The GolfProViewTM system displays a computer-generated, three-dimensional model of the putting green and its surroundings using digital imagery and contour mapping. The "instant preview" is displayed in real-time and is available as soon as the ball is spotted on the green and the immediate calculations are made.

QuesTec's President Mike Russo explains that "We are very happy to be returning to Vancouver and to be continuing our
relationship with TSN. We're also very excited to see our product make its debut on The Golf Channel. The Golf Channel is where golf enthusiasts turn to see the best in the game. Its programming schedule includes more golf coverage than all other networks combined. Along with TSN's live-coverage and evening re-airs, this will be the most widespread exposure GolfProViewTM has ever had and it will definitely create new opportunities for us as we aggressively market the product, both nationally and internationally, with our partners at
Live Motion Company (LMC)."

QuesTec and LMC of Wiesbaden, Germany are currently marketing GolfProViewTM for tournaments around the world on a $30,000 for three-hole-coverage basis. In anticipation of an increased market and more extensive production schedule with GolfProViewTM , LMC has sent a group of people to Vancouver to begin training as system operators.

QuesTec develops and markets proprietary software systems that capture, render and display real-time graphic simulations that can be applied to sports entertainment, display media, business and industry.


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This news release was prepared by management and they accept responsibility for
its contents and forward looking statements. Michael Russo - President


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