QuesTec and SISCOM sign Strategic Alliance and System Integration Agreement

Deer Park, N.Y. Wednesday, September 29, 1999 - QuesTec Imaging, Inc. (NASD-BB: QSTI) has signed a three-year Strategic Alliance and System Integration Agreement with SISCOM, Inc. (NASD-BB: SATI) of Boulder, Colorado. Under this agreement, SISCOM and QuesTec will work together to enhance and develop new information and display solutions for mainstream professional sports. SISCOM brings a wealth of experience in high- performance database management, logging retrieval, coaching and statistical software to QuesTec’s existing data capture, virtual replay and eSports(TM) technology. This new relationship creates a dynamic catalyst for the expansion of each company’s products and technology into new sports. SISCOM and QuesTec will complement each other’s areas of expertise, to create real-time digital capture, motion-tracking and display systems that can be used for athletic development and evaluation, scoring, sports analysis, television production, internet broadband distribution and other media convergence.

"SISCOM relishes the latent potential which arises from the layering of our analytic data mining tools upon QuesTec’s field-proven telemetric acquisition capabilities. Together we can automatically repurpose existing client video assets with unparalleled efficiency, flexibility and economy so as to synthesize electronic media products in real-time for focused delivery. The synergy between the businesses of QuesTec and SISCOM is phenomenal, further, the technology combination is readily applicable to many new opportunities, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer", said Michael J. Ellis, SISCOM Chairman and CEO.

SISCOM is a leading provider of innovative technical solutions to the sports industry. As a long-time systems integrator serving such organizations as NBA Entertainment, NHL Productions, ESPN Sports Century, FOX Sports and Turner Sports, SISCOM has developed advanced systems that transform one-dimensional video tape into multidimensional tools for coaches, players and executives. SISCOM provides development and coaching systems for 12 NBA teams such as the Knicks, Heat, Pacers, Blazers, Raptors, Hawks, etc., and for three NHL teams which include the Coyotes, Leafs and Thrashers. The integration of SISCOM’s and QuesTec’s technology will allow the two companies to significantly enhance the information services they currently provide and will continue to develop for basketball, hockey and baseball.

"SISCOM’s vast experience within the NBA and NHL will greatly facilitate our entry into these markets. We have been communicating and working together for over a year now; the symmetry and complementary technologies are truly dynamic. This relationship will allow both companies to step up efforts for expansion into new sports markets. The integration of our technologies offers our clients and prospects a total solution for their information needs", stated Christopher J. Malone, QuesTec’s New Media Manager.

QuesTec provides real-time motion capture, replay and analysis products for sports entertainment, display media, business and industry. The company develops real-time virtual replays and eSports(TM) technology for mainstream professional sports and entertainment. QuesTec's technology enablement offers unique content and visualization for the convergence of today's emerging digital media.


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