's TennisProView Selected as Content of Choice for the ATP Tour's Masters Series

Deer Park, N.Y. Friday, March 31, 2000 –, Inc. (QuesTec), (NQBEQS Stock Symbol: QSTI) and Gearhouse Broadcast Ltd. of Wembley, Middlesex, England announce an agreement to integrate QuesTec’s TennisProView (TM) virtual replay system into televised coverage of the newly formed Tennis Masters Series for ATP Tour Tennis. Gearhouse Broadcast Ltd. is the equipment and facilities provider for television rights holder of the ATP Tour and Tennis Masters Series – ISL Worldwide, of Lucerne, Switzerland. As part of this new agreement, QuesTec’s TennisProView will be featured on the world feed of Masters Series events, broadcast to over 190 countries by ISL Worldwide. This contract will generate in excess of US$350,000 in revenue for QuesTec this year.

TennisProView uses QuesTec’s patented motion-tracking technology to capture live action during match play tennis and instantly create a computer-generated, three-dimensional view of the exact trajectory, movement, speed and location of each serve. TennisProView’s unique 3D perspective can be shown from any angle or zoom level and the system can display multiple serves to illustrate "spray-charts." Without a doubt, TennisProView will bring an exciting new edge to the networks’ broadcast commentary and add a unique replay option.

Last year ISL reached a ten-year, $1.2 billion agreement with the ATP Tour for the exclusive marketing, broadcast and licensing rights for the ATP Tour, the ATP Tour World Championships and the Masters Series events. ISL envisions enormous growth in the TV audience for ATP Tour events with the advent of the Masters Series. As ISL’s Managing Director, Daniel Beauvois, explained, "We see huge global potential in men’s tennis as a true entertainment sport in the same way as we did in football….for so many years."

ISL has pledged "consistent high quality broadcasting standards and new production techniques to showcase the game to television spectators." TennisProView will be a new and exciting production tool for ISL as it works to showcase tennis on TV.

The Tennis Masters Series is part of the newly introduced ATP Champions Race, where the player who accumulates the most points by the end of the year becomes the world's number one ranked player. All the top players in the world are required to compete at all nine Tennis Masters Series tournaments, which include – Indian Wells (March 13 – 19); the Ericsson Open (March 23 – April 2); Monte Carlo (April 17 – 23); Roma (May 8 – 14); Hamburg (May 15 – 21); Toronto (July 31 – August 6); Cincinnati (August 7 – 13); Stuttgart (October 30 – November 5); Paris (November 13 – 19); and the Tennis Masters Cup, Lisboa (November 28 – December 3.)

Worldwide TV coverage of the Masters Series events will feature the best players in the world, using TennisProView to highlight the "rocket" serves of players like Pete Sampras and Mark Phillippoussis, and the slicing "kick" serves of players like Tim Henman. TennisProView has already been featured at the Masters Series’ first two events (Indian Wells and the Ericsson Open) with an overwhelmingly positive response from ISL.

As ISL Productions’ Managing Director, John Davis, says, "TennisProView virtual replays from QuesTec have brought a sensational production element to the ATP Masters Series programming. Within a couple of seconds from a point being played the replay is ready to show in virtual graphics where the ball actually landed and the speed it had been travelling at. Whether an ace-serve or disputed line-call, TennisProView is giving millions of television viewers worldwide a unique insight into the game of tennis. Watch your screens for more ‘WOW’ factors in the coming months."

QuesTec is equally excited about the new relationship and with the prospect of future developments in tennis coverage as well. As QuesTec's New Media Manager, Chris Malone, stated, "We are thrilled to work with ISL and its partners to enhance the coverage of ATP Tour Tennis. ISL's Internet rights and our services provide the perfect combination to expand our New Media offerings for the sport of tennis. Our experience in Internet distribution of baseball content for the 1999 Major League Baseball All-Star Game and World Series will allow us to quickly enhance the overall tennis experience in a variety of mediums."

"Our relationship with Gearhouse Broadcast and ISL Worldwide clearly defines QuesTec’s technology as the content of choice for virtual replays and serve analysis for the newly formed ATP Tour’s Masters Series," said Edward Plumacher, Founder of "QuesTec’s TennisProView technology provides tennis fans worldwide with a unique and informative perspective of the game. We will continue to work closely with Gearhouse and ISL to expand our content offerings to help promote ATP Tour tennis, and add to the fans overall experience of the game."

QuesTec provides real-time motion capture, replay and analysis products for sports entertainment, display media, business and industry. The company develops real-time virtual replays and eSports technology for mainstream professional sports and entertainment. QuesTec's technology offers unique content and visualization for the convergence of today's emerging digital media.


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