Major League Baseball Offers Comprehensive All-Star Game Coverage on Premiere of MLB Radio; Interactive Features

Deer Park, New York, Tuesday July 11, 2000 -- This year, fans throughout the world will be able to experience the excitement of Major League Baseball's All-Star Week by logging on to the Official Web site of Major League Baseball,

Jointly developed and hosted by, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPLN), offers complete information about the 2000 All-Star Teams, including rosters, bios and statistics. Major League Baseball and have once again selected, Inc. (, NQBEQS Stock Symbol: QSTI) as exclusive provider of real-time digital telemetry of pitch-by-pitch action for their coverage of the 2000 All Star Game. The site also offers comprehensive historical information, including past All-Star Game results, MVPs and extensive all-time statistics and records.

In addition to complete All-Star facts and statistics, offers an extensive array of exclusive interactive, video and graphics features that will provide baseball fans everywhere with a unique look at Major League Baseball's All-Star Week events.

Exclusive features include:

MLB Radio:'s new radio station will launch with complete coverage
of All-Star Week.

MLB Radio will talk to the players about their All-Star experiences and will review the first half of the season and preview the second half. Tuesday's programming will include a Hall of Fame seminar on the history of radio, a segment about the history of the All-Star Game with Steve Hirdt of the Elias Sports Bureau, and complete coverage of the 71st All-Star Game.

Interactive Features: will offer a variety of unique interactive features, including: Live 360-degree streaming video Webcast. Users can enjoy All-Star Weekend activities from Turner Field including batting practice, bullpen action and FanFest After Dark using Be Here iVideo technology. In-stadium cameras that users can control: Visitors can log onto and control in-stadium cameras located in both dugouts and behind first and third base. Users will be able to take a picture with these cameras and then e-mail the image to their friends and family, with TrueLook technology from Perceptual Robotics.

E-Mail MLB International Broadcasters during the 71st All-Star Game. Broadcasters Gary Thorne and Rick Sutcliffe will respond to e-mails from international viewers during the 71st All-Star Game tonight. Live Chats from John Hancock All-Sar FanFest: will feature a full schedule of live chats with legends like Phil Niekro, Don Larsen and Steve Carlton direct from the John Hancock All-Star FanFest. Day in the Life: Get a glimpse of what it's like to attend All-Star Week as a player when webcams follow
around one of the Futures Game players for the entire weekend, using Be Here technology.

High Tech Graphics and Video:

Tracking pitch trajectory for every pitch thrown in the All-Star Game using's SuperVision pitch tracking system and eReplays technology, as part of Baseball Live, the innovative multimedia application that provides real-time pitch-by-pitch graphical coverage of the game.

Graphic analysis of all the blasts in the Home Run Derby. Behind the scenes photos and exclusive video of every All-Star Week Event, including John Hancock All-Star FanFest, All-Star Futures Game, All-Star Celebrity Hitting Challenge, All-Star Press Conference (featuring All-Star Team Managers, AL and NL Leading Vote- Getters and All-Star Game Honorary Captains), Century 21 Home Run Derby, FanFest After Dark (the post-ome Run Derby party with the 2000 All-Stars) and the 71st All-Star Game.


QuesTec provides a unique enhancement to the site's Baseball Live product, a multimedia, real-time animated pitch-by-pitch representation of the game. QuesTec's eReplays technology sends information from QuesTec's Turner Field in-stadium system, including the ball speed, trajectory, location at the plate, and movement in flight, to the Web site, enabling fans to see each pitch recreated graphically in their browser. eReplays debuted on during the 1999 All-Star Game.

QuesTec's eReplays technology, provides a continuous stream of detailed information, derived through QuesTec's proprietary tracking technology, to web sites, broadcasters, and in-stadium display systems. eReplays brings every pitch, serve, or other key event, to viewers in the stadium, at home, or at the office. eReplays are the culmination of the efforts of QuesTec and its partner Atlantic Aerospace Electronics Corporation (a Titan Company, NYSE: TTN) to leverage the convergence of broadcasting, telecommunications, and computing technology to produce cutting-edge enhancements for sports events.

QuesTec provides real-time motion capture, replay and analysis products for sports entertainment, display media, business and industry. The company develops real-time virtual replays and eSports technology for mainstream professional sports and entertainment. QuesTec's technology offers unique content and visualization for the convergence of today's emerging digital media.


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