GolfProView is very unique, and actually differs from QuesTec’s other products in the fact that it is used during TV golf coverage primarily as an "instant preview" rather than as an "instant replay." The GolfProView system focuses on the crucial putting aspect of the game and it features the ability to quickly calculate and display a real-time, three-dimensional animation which shows the optimal putt-path to the hole for any lie on any green. TV networks using GolfProView are able to show viewers the best way to approach any putt before a player actually steps up to take the shot, because as soon as the ball lands anywhere on the putting-surface the system locates it and quickly calculates the optimal putt-path (taking into account the rises, dips and overall contour of the green). GolfProView displays a computer-generated, three-dimensional model of each putting green and its surroundings using digital imagery and contour mapping, and the real-time animation can be viewed from any angle to better illustrate the intricacies behind the short game than ever before possible. As the most comprehensive tool in golf coverage today, GolfProView also measures and displays the most critical information about each putt, including the distance to the cup; the height of each lie above or below the hole; and the break or breaks of the putt across the green. These features combine to bring a new life to broadcast commentary and add a one-of-a-kind "instant preview" option for the networks during TV coverage. As with QuesTec’s other broadcast enhancement products GolfProView also has the potential to generate revenue for the TV networks as a new medium for advertiser sponsorship. And, GolfProView can be applied beyond its broadcasting applications into such areas as webcasting, "Interactive TV," and video games.

Since its television debut in 1995, during NBC’s coverage of the World Cup of Golf from Shenzen, China, GolfProView has been highlighted during additional international tournaments on several TV networks. In 1996 The Sports Network (TSN) contracted to use GolfProView during its August 22-25 coverage of the Greater Vancouver Open. Also in 1996, GolfProView was prominently displayed by SABC and NBC during the World Cup Tournament in Cape Town, South Africa and by SABC and FOX during the Million-Dollar Challenge from Sun City, South Africa. In 1997 and 1998 GolfProView was aired nationally throughout Canada during TSN’s coverage of the Greater Vancouver Open.

Negotiations with various networks and sponsors continue to take place for additional tournaments this year and into the future.

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